Department of Chemistry


Andrew Kiezulas

Andrew Kiezulas, 2017 Featured Graduate

In 2016, Andrew Kiezulas helped create the Recovery Oriented Campus Center (ROCC) on USM's Portland Campus, which is building a community of students in recovery from substance use and other mental health conditions.

John Ricci Undergraduate Fellowship

Now taking applications for the John Ricci Undergraduate Research Fellowship

USM develops some chemistry with Portland High School

A group of University of Southern Maine students and faculty sparked a partnership with Portland High School's environmental science class, working together to find out just what's killing all the fish in the Green River.

USM Chemistry Degree Receives Accreditation

USM is pleased to announce its undergraduate chemistry program has received accreditation from the American Chemical Society (ACS).

ACS Accreditation

The USM Chemistry department now offers an ACS accredited degree in chemistry. See the Degrees and Certificates page for details.

USM American Chemical Society Student Chapter Selected to Receive a Green Chemistry Award

The American Chemical Society (ACS) student chapter at the University of Southern Maine has been selected to receive a Green Chemistry Award for its outreach activities conducted during the 2011-12 academic year.

John Ricci Fellowship

Applications are now being accepted for the John Ricci Fellowship.

Fall Science Cafés held in Portland to recognize 50th anniversary of Silent Spring

The University of Southern Maine and Cornerstones of Science announce the first in a series of Science Cafés to be held at Portland Public Library on the last Thursday of each month from 5:30-6:30 p.m. throughout the fall.

USM Chemistry Club Makes Science Fun at Deering Oaks Park

Children of all ages will be entertained when the University of Southern Maine Chemistry Club blow up Portland’s Deering Oaks Park as part of the Crusher’s Kids Concert in the Park series at 12:30 p.m., Thursday, July 26 at the Bandstand. All the event’s demonstrations performed by USM students — dissolving a metal spoon, igniting dollar bills that will not burn, and all those explosions — are designed to make science fun and accessible to kids during this free, family event.

Chemistry Program Has Strong Tradition of Undergraduate Research

USM’s Department of Chemistry is committed to involving undergraduates in scientific research and has a history of introducing research into all aspects of the chemistry curriculum. Faculty members within the department have active research programs and encourage undergraduates at all levels to become involved in research opportunities.