Activision's Michael Vance came to the Ci2

Activision's Michael Vance came to a full house at the Ci2 to talk about the console video game industry, what it's like to work in Portland for a world-wide organization and what it takes to get "into the industry".  

His advice was greatly appreciated and engaged the students and staff of the Ci2 Concept Research Lab for over an hour with a wonderful mix of highly technical details and broad strokes of considerations for breaking into the video game industry.  Michael's advice was not solely geared towards video game students, his advice and anecdotes were something that all students - from artists to engineers - found value in.  

The Ci2 CRL will continue to seek advice from and work with industry leaders as part of their Educational experience so that USM students can succeed in their selected career path. It is one example in a string of many others that show USM's dedication to student success.

Michael Vance 2