CI2 Research Project: Arts-based teaching and learning through conceptions of new media in the k-12 classroom

Project Title:
Arts-based teaching and learning through conceptions of new media in the k-12 classroom: Art education pre-service teachers and their development of 21st century curricula

Project Owner:
Kelly Hrenko, PhD, Assistant Professor, Art Department Art Education Program Coordinator

Project Status:
In Research Phase

Project Team:
Kelly Hrenko
Christina Williams
Hilary Tobin
Tonya Meikle
Rachael Gilley
Louanne Schoninger
Charlotte Traver
Colin Zarnoch
Leslie Zate
Jenna Larochelle
Janna Dewan
David Connolly

Funding Status

Traditionally, k-12 instructional technologies have been used as media for delivering instruction, as conveyors of information. During the instructional process, learners perceive and try to understand the information stored in the technology as they interact it. However, interaction is often limited to pressing a key to continue the information presentation or responding to queries posed by a program. The technology program judges the learner's response and provides feedback, and most often feedback is based on the correctness of the learner’s response. This art education research proposal argues that technologies should not support learning by attempting to instruct the learners, but rather should be used as knowledge construction tools that students learn with, not from. In this way, both the learners and the teachers function as designers, and the technology function as tools for interpreting and organizing knowledge.

This research will examine the process of pre-service teachers as they create, develop, and teach arts-based curricula as part of their 30-week art education internship experience. Pre-service teachers will integrate ideas of technology as part of knowledge creation, thus avoiding the trap of technology as just a mode of information delivery. Pre-service art teachers will approach this work through the lens of critical theory and constructionist models of teaching and learning. Both teachers and students will be challenged to work together to create their curriculum based on innovative media and contemporary visual arts.