CI2 Research Project: Progressive Planting

Project Title:
Progressive Planting

Project Owner:
Raymond Borg

Project Status:
In Research and Development

Project Team:
Dr. Theresa Theodosus (Professor of USM Biological Sciences Department)
Raymond Borg (Biochemistry undergraduate)
Andrew Norster (Engineering undergraduate)
Ahmed Alneemi (Biology undergraduate)
Michael (Chemistry undergraduate)

Funding Status

Special Needs:
We are currently looking for a Computer Science, Art and a Business Student to round out our team. To get involved please email Ray at:

This project combines the fields of plant physiology, engineering, architecture and computer programming to explore the possible creation of novel and resourceful urban gardening systems.  The project research will support future innovative gardening and farming techniques that seek effective ways of supplying food.

The project aims to grow plants using three different gardening methods hydroponic, aeroponic and drip irrigation. The three methods will be tested in three different locations, inside a research lab, outside in the University of Southern Maine (USM) community garden, and on a rooftop. Every experiment will follow a set protocol allowing the team to compare the total energy input and productivity output of each method.

Computer programmers will design mobile applications to measure energy input, pH levels, light intensity and hydrology.  Business students will analyze the data to determine the most practical and resourceful method for growing produce.


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