First to develop with Microsoft Hololens

Through our relentless effort to provide cutting edge opportunities for students, the Ci2 was in the 1st wave for receive a developer license for Microsoft's augmented reality headset, the Hololens.  We feel privileged to have been picked to be the first in the world to receive Microsoft’s cutting edge technology.

However, we were already accustomed to augmented reality by using Meta’s headset for a number of years.  Because of that, the students and staff at the Ci2 had a certain expectation level for the Hololens before it came to USM. Luckily, Microsoft’s hardware and software that came out of the box really impressed us.  In fact, it impressed us so much, that we ordered an additional developer’s kit.

So today we are not only developing single user games and experiences, but we are again ahead of the curve and making multi-user experiences that have never been done before.