Friends of the Ci2

We make a strong effort to work with professionals in business and industry on a regular basis.   As part of that effort, we are lucky enough to have people advise and help us consistently on both student programs and how the Ci2 is running as a whole.

Here are just a few of the professionals that are Friends of the Ci2

Professionals in Residence 


Alan LukasAlan Lukas (

Alan attended Thornton Academy in Saco.   After graduating from TA, he attended MIT and  received a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (’72 and’73) over a five year work-study program.   After graduating from MIT, he worked at Analog Devices and then Teledyne Philbrick in the field of analog and digital instrumentation.   

In 1975, he returned to Maine and helped found Process Development Corporation, which was a subsidiary of Honeycomb Systems in Biddeford.   In 1978, he founded his own business:  Intelligent Controls, Inc (INCON) which developed and manufactured monitoring and control systems for both the Power Utility and Petroleum industries.   INCON’s major product line consisted of Underground Tank Monitoring systems.   This business was sold in 2002.  

For the last five years, he has been involved in developing courses and material to teach STEM at the high school level at Thornton Academy and at Baxter Academy.    When not involved in working, he likes to sail, golf and fly.


Kenneth LeMieuxKenneth LeMieux (

Kenneth LeMieux is a new media artist, game designer and Professional in Residence at the Ci2 Lab at USM. He has over 40 year experience in a wide range of interactive computing fields including embedded electronics, digital cartography, mass market desktop software, full stack web, game development and interactive virtual reality.  Ken has been working with Unity 3D since 2008 and is an expert game designer and developer.

He received his Associate of Arts in English and his Bachelor of Arts in Math from the University of Maine at Farmington.  LeMieux went on to work at leading Maine companies such as Seafax, Inc., Deep River Publishing and DeLorme Mapping. 

After, 7 years at VISA in various roles include lead developer on the VISA Multinational Report Program and technical lead on VISA Online, he founded an independent video game company, Digital Code Works. Digital Code Works has shipped over 7.5 million copies combined of the hit mobile game, Slender Man Chapter 1: Alone and 2 successful sequels. 

Mr. LeMieux continues to explore the relationship between play and emotion utilizing computers and art in collaboration with the Ci2 Lab. 


Board of Advisors

  • David Perloff
  • Alan Lukas
  • Mary Noyes
  • Michael Hale
  • Don Gooding
  • Halsted Larsson
  • Jan Priebeck
  • Lee Cheever
  • Jeffrey Beaudry
  • Terry Shehata