MIT's Susannah Gordon-Messer, Ph.D

The Ci2 is getting a visit from MIT's Susannah Gordon-Messer, Ph.D to talk about The Education Arcade and what MIT is doing with video games.

Susannah Gordon-Messer, Curriculum and Professional Development Specialist
Susannah Gordon-MesserSusannah is a curriculum and professional development specialist for The Education Arcade. She is a content expert for high school math and science and works on developing game content as well as teacher materials that accompany games. She manages school and teacher partnerships, prototype testing with students and school implementationns. She also designs and leads professional development workshops and has recently begun to design workshops for students as well. Prior to MIT, she was a postdoc with the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP) and developed curriculum for science literacy at the middle school level. Susannah worked for the Posse Foundation as the mentor for the inaugural group of Science Posse students and has volunteered designing programs at The Discover Museums in Acton, MA. She holds a PhD in Biophysics from Brandeis University and was a high school math teacher with Teach for America in Warrenton, NC.