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Image from WMTW-TV visit

USM's CI2 Lab featured on WMTW-TV

Work in USM's CI2 Lab — teaching Portland teachers about 3-D printers and their uses in the classroom — led to a June 27 story on WMTW-TV. The class was part of the Side x Side and the Summer Arts Institute, now in its third year. Teachers build skills and relationships at the institute that often broaden their instruction in the classroom.


Jim Bonney will give an informal talk about his work at today 2pm the Ci2

Activision's Michael Vance came to the Ci2

Activision's Michael Vance came to a full house at the Ci2 to talk about the console video game industry, what it's like to work in Portland for a world-wide organization and what it takes to get "into the industry".

Physics student to work on forming stars in virtual reality

One of the newest students to come to the Ci2 Concept Research Lab, Alex Knight, is going to use his knowledge as a Physics student to develop an immersive virtual reality experience on how stars are formed.

MIT's Susannah Gordon-Messer, Ph.D

The Ci2 is getting a visit from MIT's Susannah Gordon-Messer, Ph.D to talk about The Education Arcade and what MIT is doing with video games.

Stephen Crowley with Amazon is coming to the Ci2

Stephen Crowley, a Maine native and current Amazon employee, is coming to the Ci2 to speak and help students with anything user experience (UX) related.

Ci2's Michael Preble receives STEM Educator Award

Michael Preble, the Project Coordinator at the Ci2, recently received a prestigious STEM Educator Award from the Perloff Family Foundation.

Our 3 latest news stories

The first news stories to come out of the the Ci2 Studio's acquisition of Microsoft's Hololens and other augmented and virtual reality were recently done by USM, The Bangor Daily News and our local CBS affiliate, WGME!

High School Partnerships

The Ci2 has always strived to collaborate with high school students in any project that comes through the studio. We enjoy integrating all levels of understanding and enthusiasm into the work we do and highly encourage leaders to emerge through dedication, not necessarily age.