Creative Intelligence + Innovation + Collaboration = Ci2

At the Ci2 Lab we turn ideas into action, and action into things

Our mission is to develop individual and group creativity in an open concept experiential learning environment. Participants develop creative problem solving, critical thinking and marketable skills that foster innovation and community engagement.

We emphasize collaboration on cross-disciplinary design projects that demonstrate creative research, initiative, and innovation. The projects need to have the potential for creative expression and/or commercialization. We provide students and partners with a space and the resources they need to reach their goals.

The Ci2 is focused on fostering the development of Creative Intelligence. It is a place for students from all disciplines to pursue their own creative and entrepreneurial ideas through individual or group projects. These projects are supported by the CI2 staff and partners to allow the students the freedom and opportunity to learn their own way. Students are encouraged to think critically and collaborate to solve problems in the community or around the world.  The Ci2 recognizes the importance of bringing together the intellectual core of many disciplines to create new technology centric creative expression, products, and/or services while also solving real world problems. The CI2 hosts events and presentations where students are encouraged to show what they have done to people and businesses in the community. 

Join our growing collaboration of creative individuals by reaching out and getting involved. We are always looking for talented partners and driven students to create, innovate, and collaborate at the CI2. If you are one of those people or would like to work with us feel free to contact us.