Project List

Summer 2018 Current Projects

These are projects that are currently being worked on by members of the Ci2 Lab.  Please keep in mind that the details of the projects cannot be made public on this website at this time due to their entrepreneurial and highly innovative nature.  


  • Learning Chemistry through video games
  • Love Kupcakes internet presence 2.0
  • Terahertz imaging for industrial quality control
  • Unique batteries for bicycles
  • Maine Network of Innovation and Creativity 2.0
  • Big Data: origins of solar cells
  • Multiplayer video games for virtual reality (VR)
  • Multi-modal media release for music and video games
  • Multiplayer video games for augmented reality (AR)
  • 360video integration and game play within virutal reality environments
  • Exploring effective art and music integration techniques for interactive media and software
  • Learning circuit board development through video games
  • Developing video games based on market analysis and quantifiable data
  • Large art installation using holograms
  • Mobile application development for identified niche market
  • Marketing and business analysis for all projects going through the Ci2
  • Social media integration for software developed through iterative design process
  • Quality assurance for AAA video games 
  • Develop internet presence through streaming video on, blogs, and social media
  • Creating custom hardware and software for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Working with The Paul Dresher Ensemble 
  • Helping Side x Side educate K - 12 through STEAM
  • Mentor high school students through the Maine Space Grant Consortium Merits Program
  • Provide a fun, interactive video game development for virtual reality summer camp 


If you would like more details on any project or would like to propose your own, please contact hit the Contact button on the left side of the page and send an email to