Timeshock Games


Timeshock Games in Portland Maine USMTimeshock Games is one of Maine's first video game development companies, that was created in the Ci2 Lab in September 2014. They are a collective of passionate, ambitious students that intend to become a sustainable software business in Maine by the time they graduate, in May of 2017. 

The Company

Timeshock Games is a cross-disciplinary team of student artists, programmers, musicians, producers(advertising and marketing the game), and writers creating their own sustainable business.

With support from the Maine Center of Entrepreneurial Development, local video game developer mentors, and local Maine angels, Timeshock Games is a platform for students to develop their personal and professional skills in game development.

Team Member Application: 

We're currently accepting new team members to help us with our upcoming titles! These are temporary positions that last for the Spring semester and continue if there's a good match. Any major or field of study may apply, but here are some roles we're looking to fill:

  • Digital Artists
  • Musicians(Composer/Performing)
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Website Designers
  • Programmers
  • 3D Modelers

Check out the position description here

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Timeshock Games in Portland Maine USMTimeshock Games in Portland Maine USM


The Games


Sloth Action logoSloth Action

Status: Released
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Genre: 2D Adventure

Sloth Action is a humorous 2D adventure where you help Zip the sloth outwit the defenses of an insane spaceship AI. The game also includes a full-featured level editor for you and your friends to create and share your own levels.

Learn more and download the game

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Status: Released
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Genre: Action Multiplayer

Firewall is an action multiplayer where you are a virus attempting to evade an anti-virus program through a series of lush, dangerous and unique environments.

Vote yes for Firewall on Steam Greenlight!



Boat Battle Royale

Status: Released
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Genre: Action Multiplayer

Gather up to 3 of your friends and blow their ships up with booby traps, nuclear long-range bombs, or feisty explosive crates. Even after you die, you can still sabotage your opponents -- You just can't move. Outmaneuver your opponents by using rocket boosts to narrowly avoid killer cannonballs. 

Become the ultimate hypercaffeinated pirate in this free-for-all death-match boat game.

Learn more and download the game here

Vote yes for Boat Battle Royale on Steam Greenlight!



Status: In Development
Platform: Mobile Android/iOS
Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Unshattered is a 2D puzzle platformer set in a world of glass. Journey through the ruins of one of the great glass cities and overcome challenges that help you learn what happened to your people.

Learn more about Unshattered on Steam Greenlight!

The Team


Sam Capotosto - Lead Developer


Sam Capotosto

Co-Founder and Lead Developer

USM Major: Computer Science

Sam is the master of draconian level design. If you need a level that makes you so frustrated you smash your computer into pieces, he has your back.



Jonah Sanville - Game Producer


Jonah Sanville

Co-Founder and Lead Producer

USM Major: Communication & Marketing

As a child, Jonah grew up in Newfield Maine wrestling bears over blueberries. After getting bored, Jonah would form a team of college students to wrestle with the international gaming marketplace.


Elizabeth Darragh - Lead Artist


Elizabeth Darragh
Co-Founder and Lead Artist

USM Major: Art & Theatre

Elizabeth is a magical artist capable of conquering the world with her art. She just doesn't know it yet. 




Benjamin Plummer - Marketer


Benjamin Plummer

USM Major: Business Administration

Ben soars from the mighty heavens of marketing at USM, and converts all ye who enter his advertising space into dollar bills.