Classified Staff Senate

Scholarships for Classified Staff

The Classified Staff Senate invites all Classified Staff to apply for 1 of 3 scholarships that are being offered. The purpose of the scholarship program is to help you develop or enhance skills and knowledge relevant to your work area, future career aspirations or personal wellness. The Senate will award up to $400 for each scholarship. The maximum individual award amount is $400. The Senate will make award decisions based on the quality of the short essay, a short video or a brief explanation of what the funds would be used towards.  

We are offering the 3 scholarships in the following categories:

  1. Fees/Books Associated with Taking a UMS Class ~ since the tuition is covered by employee waiver, there may be fees that are not covered, can be used toward book purchases or miscellaneous supplies associated with your UMS class.

  2. Professional Development Expenses ~ workshop costs, fees associated with workshop, tuition cost from another college (ex: taking a course that is offered at SMCC).

  3. Personal Health & Wellness ~ personal interest class, ex: stress reduction class, weight watchers member fees, smoking cessation class, guitar class, essential oil class

 Notice of when to apply for scholarships comes in the Fall Semester each year. Keep an eye out! Application deadline: OCTOBER 8, 2019. Winners will be notified on October 15, 2019.