Classified Staff Senate

Welcome to the Classified Meeting Procedures Guide

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Classified Staff Senate adheres to the Robert's Rules of Order.

Summary of meeting procedures:

1. Call to order - The chair says, "This meeting will please come to order".

2. Quorum - The chair notes if a quorum is present (50% of current membership)

3. Follow the agenda - Minutes, Officer's Reports, Committee Reports, Old Business, New Business, Announcements, Adjournment

4. How do members get their say? They make motions, second motions, discuss and then vote.

Main Motion - Introduces subject to the senate for consideration. They cannot be made when another main motion is before the senate.

a. A senate member makes the motion, another member seconds it.

b. The chair then states the exact motion and indicates that it is open for debate.

Secondary Motions - Make and considered while the main motion is pending. They are, seconded and stated in the same manner as a main motion.

a. Move to "Postpone Motion" definitely or indefinitely

b. Move to "Amend Motion"

c. Move to "Refer Motion to Committee"

d. Move to "Limit time of debate on motion"

e. Move to "Table Motion" doesn't establish when it will be reconsidered

f. Requests & Inquires - to introduce or question a pending motion


1. Ask chairs opinion

2. Point of information-inquire about the facts

3. Request to withdraw or modify motion

4. Request to read motion

G. Move to approve (vote) on motion

Other Motions - Bring a question on previously made motions

a. Move to take motion from table-resume consideration

b. Move to rescind- strike out an entire motion

c. Move to amend previously adopted motion

d. Move to reconsider -within same meeting, bring motion before senate again to reconsider the vote based on new information or a change in situation.

Once discussion is terminated and motion is amended, the secretary reads the motion and a vote is taken, usually by a show of hands, the motion is then noted as being either accepted or rejected.