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Dean Joseph McDonnell asks "Where are the jobs?" in latest 'Deans of Business' article

"Where are the jobs? That’s the question every young person — and many who are not so young — are asking. The Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Spring were ostensibly protests about corporate greed and oppressive regimes, but they not surprisingly arose when young people throughout the world were unable to find jobs.

Unemployment among young people in many countries exceeds 25 percent. In the United States, despite increases in jobs over the last several months, unemployment among job seekers between ages 20 and 24 is 14.6 percent — in Maine 16.2 percent — but many believe the real numbers are much larger when the underemployed and those who are not officially job-searching are taken into account.

In his book “The Coming Jobs War,” Gallup CEO Jim Clifton concludes..."

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