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Muskie alumna Dianna Walters and Marty Zanghi, director of youth development at the Muskie School, joined Therese Cahill-Low, director of the DHHS Office of Child and Family Services, and host Jennifer Rooks for a special Maine Watch: Aging out of Foster Care.
Under the Isles of Shoals
Through August 31, the exhibit "Under the Isles of Shoals" will be on display in the Discover Portsmouth Center
Lobster Door
Article notes "the economic and job-placement potential" of the university's new degree in tourism and hospitality.
Joseph McDonnell
In his latest Bangor Daily News article, Dr. Joseph McDonnell discusses the criteria business icon Warren Buffett uses in both buying a business and making an investment.
A student organization at the University of Southern Maine has won its second consecutive regional championship based on a series of exemplary community-building projects. Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), a 21-member team sponsored by the USM School of Business...
Andrew Coburn
Professor Andrew Coburn, chair of the Master of Public Health program at the USM Muskie School of Public Service, talks to the BDN about the competitive advantage for businesses in keeping employees- and communities- healthy.
Dr. Jeanette Andonian
Dr. Andonian discusses resilience as a critical concept in mental health practice, as well as parenting, in the article "Happy, Hardy Kids" and the April 8 radio segment titled "Kids."
Dr. Dana Kerr
Dr. Dana Kerr, assistant professor of risk management and insurance, published "Exploring the Role of Pseudodeductibles in Auto Insurance Claims Reporting" in the most recent issue of the Journal of Insurance Issues (Vol. 35, No. 1).
Where are the jobs? That’s the question every young person — and many who are not so young — are asking. The Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Spring were ostensibly protests about corporate greed and oppressive regimes, but they not surprisingly arose when young people throughout the world were unable to find jobs.
Voices of Pineland cover
"Nobody known to this reviewer can see into the future, but by studying the past, there are signs of directions that politicians and experts du jour should never be allowed to take our society in again. University of Southern Maine professor Stephen T. Murphy has just produced such a cautionary volume..."


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Interim Dean Joanne Williams

Interim Dean Joanne Williams teaches sport management and her research focuses on sport marketing and sponsorship.