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Faculty and research staff throughout the college engage in applied research that directly impacts public policy and addresses the needs of communities in Maine and throughout the nation. The college manages roughly 85 percent of the university’s research portfolio and continually seeks opportunities to diversify funding, support entrepreneurship among our research staff, and provide students with opportunities to conduct relevant research through graduate or research assistantships. At the heart of the college’s extensive research efforts, with more than 200 research staff and a $30-million portfolio, is the Catherine E. Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy at the Muskie School of Public Service, which conducts training and education, research and evaluation, policy and data analysis, and program development and implementation to improve public health and social welfare.

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College of Management and Human Service - Graduate Studies Informational Meet & Greet

Tiqa Restaurant - Portland

Interested in pursuing graduate studies in Business, Education, Public Service, Public Health or Social Work? USM's College of Management and Human Service (CMHS) is hosting an informational meet & greet with faculty on Tuesday, January 26 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the posh new Tiqa restaurant in Portland! 



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