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Announcing this Year's Art Department Discipline Awards Recipients.

Discipline Award Certificate

2021 Art Discipline Award Recipients

The discipline awards acknowledge the accomplishments of art majors within the disciplines offered by the Art Department. These include art history, art education, book arts, ceramics, foundations, painting & drawing, photography and digital art & design, and sculpture. 

This public recognition honors the students and informs the audience of department programs. Recipients are nominated by faculty who teach within the disciplines. Each year we look forward to celebrating the work of outstanding students.


Art Education:

Natasha Shacklett, BFA with a Concentration in Art Education, Senior

Studio Concentration in Sculpture

Dr. Kelly Hrenko wrote:

"Natasha Shacklett is an exceptional art educator.  Natasha is a thoughtful and creative teacher who works hard to ensure all students feel supported and engaged in their learning. Natasha's future students will no doubt be enlightened thinkers and makers due to learning from them!"

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you", by Natasha Shacklett

Image Above: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you", by Natasha Shacklett


Art History:

Judith Carpenito, BA in Art History, Senior

Dr. Donna Cassidy wrote:

"A non-traditional student, Judith returned to college in 2019 to complete an art history degree with plans to work in the museum field by bringing together her background in business and advertising with new expertise. She has excelled at her studies the past two years. Her perceptive and unique insights in class discussions have made classes—both in-person and online—rich experiences for all students, while her writing has consistently offered sophisticated visual and cultural analysis. Her exemplary capstone paper, “Finding Resonance and Wonder at American Art Museums,” demonstrates Judith’s deep engagement with the questions that are defining art museums in our present cultural moment. Her exceptional work has set her up for an exceptional second career when she leaves USM."

PMA Image from Virtual Exhibition Mythmakers

2020 Capstone Research: Finding Resonance & Wonder at American Art Museums

Image Above from Portland Museums of Art's Mythmakers Virtual Tour, Used by Permission from PMA.


Book Arts:

Katharine Rozanski, BA in Studio Art, Junior

Concentration in Art & Entrepreneurial Studies

Book Arts Faculty, Annie Lee-Zimerle, wrote:

"Katharine demonstrates excellent creativity in her book arts. She challenges herself in her ideas and explores new concepts. Her books are well planned and executed with great care and detail. She intentionally challenges herself in her ideas and explores new concepts. For example, with the altered book project (pictured here), Katharine created an installation with her book, hanging it on a wall, the pages cascading from the book, floating into the room and falling to the floor. It was a potent reflection of the story within, of someone fearing chaos around the suffering from anxiety. She not only explored a new variation in creating a book but also incorporated its (de)construction into the meaning as well. Katharine is an example to other students in the Book Arts program."

Altered Book with Detail by Katharine Rozanski

Image Above: Altered Book with Detail by Katharine Rozanski



Sydney Anne Stultz, BFA in Studio Arts, Senior

Studio Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting & Drawing, and Photography & Digital Art & Design, Minor in Art History

Ceramics Faculty, Chris Cooper, wrote:

"Through experimentation and growth Sydney utilized her ceramics knowledge to explore ideas of figure drawing, functional form and abstract vessels.  She has excelled in developing provocative surfaces and creating a relationship between form and surface in her work.  She has demonstrated an awareness of the influences of her two-dimensional art practices and has pushed herself in ceramics to explore different ideas in three-dimensional form. She is quick to draw connections to her work when presented with new ideas in the classroom and from investigating the work and process of ceramic artists.

Sydney's current body of ceramic work utilizes ideas from her drawing, painting and digital design bringing common threads through all of her work.  Her series demonstrates a strong understanding of technique and the importance of both form and surface design.  She has shown dedication to her ceramic work despite these challenging times and herself motivation has been important to her success.  She will undoubtedly find success with her artwork beyond her time here at USM."

Ceramic Vessels by Sydney Stultz

Image Above: Ceramic Vessels by Sydney Stultz


2021Ddiscipline Award in Foundations:

George Hart, BA-Studio Art, Junior

Studio Concentration in Photography & Digital Art & Design

Foundations Coordinator, Professor Jan Piribeck, wrote:

"George Hart has done exemplary work in foundation classes; he understands how to work with visual elements and principles in expressive ways, and fully immerses himself in the creative thinking process when working on course assignments. His curiosity and enthusiasm show through in his work, which often has strong formal appeal. George is a thinker and a doer and will no doubt continue to excel in his upper-level studio courses; he is most deserving of the Foundations award."

"Break", Photograph by George Hart

Image Above: "Break", Photograph by George Hart


Painting & Drawing:

Peter Michael Paolucci, BFA in Studio Arts, Senior

Studio Concentration in Painting & Drawing

Painting & Drawing Faculty, Hannah Barnes, wrote:

"Peter is a tenacious and talented young artist with a love of painting and drawing and a unique voice to share. During his studies he has demonstrated growth, perseverance, and earnest self-exploration. He has developed strong skills and an expressive approach to painting, drawing, and watercolor that is distinctly his own. His advocacy for neurodiversity and the hard work of ‘being oneself’ is an inspiration to all of us in his community. Peter sets an example of what it requires to be an artist – commitment, vulnerability, risk, empathy, and a true love of making. We look forward to seeing how Peter’s work continues to evolve and grow as he embarks on his professional life as an artist! "

Watercolor by Peter Paolucci

Image Above: Watercolor by Peter Paolucci


Photography and Digital Art & Design:

Lindsey Bosk, BA Studio Art, Senior

Studio Concentration in Photography & Digital Art & Design

Digital Art & Design Faculty, Jan Piribeck, wrote:

"Lindsey's explorations of alternative materials and techniques in Advanced Problems demonstrated her inventiveness and willingness to take risks. She makes use of photography and digital media to express keen insights into personal, social and environmental situations. Her work is visually compelling and thoughtful; she is a most deserving recipient of the award."

Melting, Trio by Lindsey BoskImage Above: "Melting", Trio by Lindsey Bosk, three 9" X 11" B&W Digital Prints exposed to vegetable dyes



Rachel Robertson, BA in Economics, Minor in Studio Art, Senior

Studio Concentration in Sculpture

Sculpture Faculty, Micahel Shaughnessy, wrote:

"Rachel has entered into the sculpture program with enormous promise. She has developed significant skills and abilities in multiple processes. Her work is done with extreme care and attention to detail. Rachel strives for perfection; however, she meets the inevitable flaw with a good spirit, smiling eyes and analyzes the situation and learns from it. Beyond her material abilities she has a solid visual sense and she can bring an intellectual depth and thoughtfulness to her work. She is very supportive of her fellow students and always engaged and curious. With so many abilities we look forward to seeing her continued work in sculpture and beyond."

"A Bean in a Box", Wood Construction by Rachel Robertson

Image Above: "A Bean in a Box", Wood Construction by Rachel Robertson


Congratulations go out to all these deserving students!