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Schedule Spring 2016
Registration for matriculated students begins November 9th.

ANE 658 Visual Culture of 20th-Century America
Wednesdays 4:10 PM to 6:40 PM
Donna Cassidy

This course will investigate the production and explosion of visual images in twentieth-century American society, with a focus on the years 1900-1960. Students will examine varied image types, with an emphasis on painting, photography, advertising, and film, and how these images shaped the knowledge, experience, and culture of both New England and America.

Topics include The Spectacle of the City; Documentary Photography; Early Film; and the Surveillance of the Working Class; Modernist New York; Primitivism, Modernity, and Race; Images that Sell: Consumerism and Modernism; Reading Norman Rockwell's America; and Art-making in Postwar America: From Abstract Expressionism to Paint-by-Numbers.

ANE 650 Topics in American & New England Studies: Maine History Through Art, Literature & Film
Fridays 11:45 AM to 2:15 PM
Libby Bischof

For centuries Maine has served as both the setting and the inspiration for some of America's most famed artists and authors. This course explore the social and cultural history of Maine through art, literature (fiction and non-fiction), and film (including feature-length films, documentaries, amateur home movies and work/life films). We will study how artists, authors and filmmakers have contributed to Maine's identity and how their visions of Maine -while at times romanticized- have influenced tourism and regional development. Authors and artists considered include: the Hudson River School, Sarah Orne Jewett, E.B. White, Winslow Homer, Marsden Hartley, Chansonetta Stanley Emmons, the Zorachs, the Wyeths, Ruth Moors, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Carolyn Chute, and Henry W. Longfellow, among others.


ANE 685 Reading and Research
Open to advanced students with exceptional records in the program, this course offers opportunities for reading and research under the direction of a faculty member. The approval of the ANES Curriculum Committee is required.

ANE 687 Internship
Open to qualified students with exceptional records in the program; required for students in the Public Culture and History track. Internships are by application to the ANES Curriculum Committee.

ANE 690 Project
Completion of a two-semester project that may be an independent project or that may combine independent study and work in a historical society, a museum, a cultural organization, or other public or private institution. In consultation with an advisor, the student defines and develops the project in relation to his or her particular interest in American and New England Studies.

ANE 695 Thesis
The product of original research, the thesis should embody an interdisciplinary combination of approaches and/or materials.