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USM Students Can Attend “Thinking Wrong” Seminar for Free

November 7, 2013

Contact: Jeanne Curran, (207) 780-4198

PORTLAND, Maine – University of Southern Maine (USM) students can attend for free the Maine Center for Creativity’s “Thinking Wrong, Doing Right” seminar later this month through the collaboration of several USM organizations and institutions.

The unique seminar, featuring John Bielenberg, renowned designer and creativity advocate, is open to USM students through a sponsorship collaboration of USM's College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHS) and the College of Science, Technology, and Health (CSTH), with additional support by the USM CI2 Lab and the Art and Entrepreneurial Studies program, according to Michael Shaughnessy, USM professor of sculpture.

“More than anyone I’ve seen, John Bielenberg makes that connection between a very diverse number of constituencies, ranging from technology, arts, business, social science to intellectual property rights, and he does it with strong goals of addressing social needs,” said Shaughnessy, who heads the USM Art and Entrepreneurial Studies program and is a Maine Center for Creativity (MCC) member.

“I’ve seen him speak before, and there is a strong component of teaching and learning,” the USM professor continued. “He has the ability to see possibilities where you may not have seen them before.”

The details of the event are:

·     “Thinking Wrong, Doing Right,” featuring John Bielenberg and presented by the Maine Center for Creativity, sponsored by MaineBiz and USM; 5:30-7:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 18, Rines Auditorium, Portland Public Library; free for USM students, $15 for MCC members and other students, $35 for non-members; seating is limited.

The MCC seminar is designed for creative thinkers, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Bielenberg will focus on the idea of “thinking wrong in order to do right” to challenge learned behaviors that limit creative exploration.

An award-winning designer, Bielenberg is based in Belfast, Maine, and is founder of Project M, an immersive, educational, community-centered program for young designers, writers, photographers, and filmmakers. He has received more than 250 design awards and received the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ highest honor, the AIGA Medal, in February.

The Maine Center for Creativity is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing innovative people and companies in Maine by developing projects and programs that support the growth of creative industries and the arts. The seminar is part of its “Capitalizing on Creativity” series.

Shaughnessy said his own students would attend the seminar, and he is urging other USM students in all colleges and departments to attend as well. He said the seminar would be cross-disciplinary, with emphasis on social responsibility and creative thought through broader contextual thinking.

“I personally expect to be informed and inspired by it,” he said.

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