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Dean Joseph McDonnell asks- "Would Warren Buffett buy your business?"

Would Warren Buffett buy your business?
by Joseph McDonnell
Bangor Daily News
May 18

"The recent spike in the number of companies being purchased in Maine led me to wonder how many Maine businesses would be attractive to Warren Buffett, the well-known acquirer of businesses. Buffett turned Berkshire Hathaway, a nearly bankrupt New England textile company, into a $200 billion conglomerate by buying businesses and making long-term investments.

By looking at their own companies through the prism Buffett has successfully employed in making investment decisions, Maine’s business owners can learn a lot about the attractiveness of their companies. Buffett makes no distinction between buying a business and making an investment.

He has bought many companies in their entirety and also made long-term investments in large companies such as American Express, IBM, Wells Fargo and Coca-Cola..." Continue to Read