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Mainebiz shines a spotlight on USM's Tourism and Hospitality program

Mainebiz Shines a Spotlight on New Tourism and Hospitality Program

A May 28 article in Mainebiz features the new Tourism and Hospitality degree, offered through the College of Management and Human Service.

"With industry leaders clamoring for qualified workers, USM didn't need to do much research to test the viability of introducing a four-year degree program in tourism and hospitality.

"You know the time is right for something when people start coming to you about it," says Kreg Ettenger, a USM professor of geography and anthropology who will lead the new interdisciplinary program.

Recognizing the economic and job-placement potential of such a degree, USM fast-tracked the program, earning approval from the UMaine System board of trustees in little more than six months."

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