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Professor Emeritus Stephen Murphy's book "Voices of Pineland" reviewed in Portland Press Herald

Voices of Pineland coverProfessor Emeritus Stephen Murphy's new book, "Voices of Pineland: Eugenics, Social Reform and the Legacy of 'Feeblemindness' in Maine" was reviewed by a local historian, William David Barry, in the March 18 Portland Press Herald.

"Nobody known to this reviewer can see into the future, but by studying the past, there are signs of directions that politicians and experts du jour should never be allowed to take our society in again.

University of Southern Maine professor Stephen T. Murphy has just produced such a cautionary volume, "Voices of Pineland: Eugenics, Social Reform and the Legacy of 'Feeblemindness' in Maine."It is a balanced, fair-minded, impressively researched study that will stand as a watershed book in regional social history..."

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About the Author

A resident of Biddeford, Dr. Stephen Murphy is a professor emeritus in the counselor education program at the USM School of Education and Human Development. Dr. Murphy’s research interests include community inclusion of people with disabilities, the views of individuals with disabilities on disability issues and rehabilitation practices, and social and historical aspects of disability classifications and rehabilitation services. He has published numerous articles, chapters, and books on these topics.