College of Science, Technology, and Health

EAST Principal Investigators, Director, and Evaluator Publish Journal Article

Jean Whitney, Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh, Lynn Lovewell, and Babette Moeller are the authors of “Building Relationships, Sharing Resources, and Opening Opportunities: A STEM Learning Community Builds Social Capital for Students with Disabilities.”  This article was published in the Summer 2012 volume of Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability (pages 131-144) and can be read on-line at

Dr. Whitney is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, Director of the Office of Educator Preparation, and Co-Principal Investigator of EAST.  Dr. Langley-Turnbaugh is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity; Dean of Graduate Studies; a Professor of Environmental Science; and Principal Investigator of EAST.  Ms. Lovewell is the Director of EAST.  Dr. Moeller is a researcher and program developer at Education Development Center, Inc.

These researchers “used a mixed-methods research design to explore the LC [Learning Community seminar] from the students’ perspective in order to understand what they gained from the course.”  They found that “students gained knowledge, skills, access to resources, and social support, all of which are important facets of social capital.”  The article also discusses implications for practice and future research.