College of Science, Technology, and Health

Faculty and Staff Resources

The following are several sources of information important to faculty in the College of Science, Technology, and Health. To access the most current information, links are provided to the actual source of the information.

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Academic Information and Forms

For assistance with Academic-related matters, please contact Bonnie Stearns at (207) 780-5585 or  Completed forms can be e-mailed or sent to 178 Science Building, Portland Campus. 


Financial Information and Forms

For assistance with financial-related matters, please contact Amy Blaisdell, Finances Interim, (207) 228-8306 or email


Travel An individual must have the approval of their supervisor or other appropriate approving authority (e.g., principal investigator on a grant) for all travel prior to the travel dates. To request travel funds from the Dean's office, please complete the following forms and send them to Pam Hartford.

The new Concur Travel and Expense should be used for all University-related travel.


Receiving monetary gifts Gifts made to the University must be deposited to the appropriate gift account, generally managed in the dean's office with the Dean's liaison to Advancement and Donor Services. Please work with Pam Hartford on the receipt of all monetary gifts.

Receiving gifts other than money

1. Consideration must be given to how much the gift of equipment or material property will cost the department, school or university to accept, maintain, keep or dispose of.

2. Approval must be received from the director of the unit which will bear the burden of managing the gift, department chair, dean, provost, Office of Finance and Administration, or the Board of Trustees in the case of real estate.

3. Donor determines the value of the gift. We may assist if we have access to a recognized source of reference to fair market value.

4. Write a letter of thanks which includes a description of the gift and its approximate value which was determined by the donor. Confirm in the letter that we have received the gift.

5. Send copies of this acknowledgement letter and any other back up material to the Office of the Dean, and to Vicki LaQuerre in Advancement and Donor Services.


Human Resources Information and Forms

For assistance with HR-related matters, please contact Susan Taylor at (207) 780-4133 or

The most accurate and updated human resources information can be found at:


Other Useful Information and Links

Recommendation for Graduate Assistantship need to be signed by the Department chair and sent to the Office of Graduate Studies. An account number and appropriate signature are required from each unit supporting the assistantship.
Contract/Articulation Agreement/Clinical Affiliation Agreement documents are available on the Office of General Council website. If a document is non-routine in nature or could have major financial or other implications for the University, University Council must review the document. Individuals shall sign such documents only after receiving approval by University Council. The document and approval by University Council should then be forwarded to the Dean for signature.
John Mitchell Lecture Series is an endowed fund that is intended to support annual lectures relevant to the College of Science, Technology, and Health.