College of Science, Technology, and Health

Faculty Expertise


Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Trade offs between form and function in fishes -- Jeff Walker
Ecology and Evolution


  • Levels, trends, and fate of PAHs and metals in street dust in urban landscapes. Impact of street dust on local watersheds -- Lucille Benedict
  • Lanthanide-d10 metal dicyanides, aggregation-induced fluorescence -- James Ford
  • Green chemistry, cellulosic ethanol, biodegradable polymers -- Meg Hausman
  • Synthesis of substituted aziridines, immunoassay analysis of environmental mercury, metallole applications and synthesis -- Caryn Prudente
  • Synthesis and characterization of luminescent organometallic materials for applications in biotechnology, sensor design, and electrooptical devices, advances in Chemical Education -- Henry Tracy
  • Bioremediation of chromate, biochemistry of the mycobacterial cell wall -- Peter Woodruff

Computer Science

  • Highly supportive systems to develop algorithms, bidirectional debuggers, parallel computer architecture and fast computer simulation techniques -- Robert Boothe
  • Formal methods in software development, programming language semantics, computer security, database systems -- David Briggs
  • Software technology for health research in the developing world, making complex software systems accessible to health researchers, use of mobile devices for data collection and information dissemination -- Bruce MacLeod


  • Vibration analysis and control of linear and nonlinear systems, application of smart materials (shape memory alloys) as actuators and sensors, nonlinear rigid body dynamics, elasto-dynamic analysis of composite helicopter blades -- Mehrdaad Ghorashi
  • Microelectronics, CMOS and bipolar integrated circuit design, semiconductor device technology, finite element and analytical modeling of semiconductor devices and sensors, electronic instrumentation and measurement, micromachining of silicon and micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) -- Mustafa Guvench
  • Development of software systems for digital image processing - image enhancement, segmentation, shape description, and recognition with application to biomedical imaging and computer vision -- Mariusz Jankowski
  • Intelligent systems, kinematic analysis and control of robotic manipulators -- Carlos Luck

Environmental Science and Policy

  • Energy sustainability, molecular science, STEM education and literacy -- Daniel Martinez
  • Environmental planning, cultural resources management, environmental education -- Robert Sanford
  • Pheromone biology of the forest pest known as the Pine False Webworm, Acantholyda erythrocephala; water balance and parasitism in pupal stages of the introduced pine sawfly, Diprion similis; assessing heavy metal uptake in aquatic insects as a mechanism for lateral transport of pollutants in natural systems -- Joseph Staples
  • Sustainable material management through the identification and evaluation of model environmental policy programs with special emphasis on the social dimension and applying extended producer responsibility and product stewardship frameworks to divert, recapture, and recycle waste. -- Travis Wagner
  • Systems thinking, freshwater-marine linkages and diadromous fish species, river herring (alewife and blueback herring), saltmarsh restoration and impacts on marsh-marine linkages, freshwater crayfish in Maine, Diadromous Species Research Restoration Network (DSRRN) -- Karen Wilson

Exercise, Health, and Sports Sciences

  • Estimating the energy costs of strength, speed and power, before, during and after exercise, work and fitness-related activities -- Christopher Scott


  • First language acquisition, specifically in the area of syntax. Investigation of children’s grammatical knowledge, the question of children’s sentence planning in the real-time process of language production. Language variation and the evolution of language, with a focus on syntax and the role of language production -- Dana McDaniel
  • Signed language research, neurolinguistics of both spoken and signed languages, neuroscience -- Judy Shepard-Kegl


  • Video microscopy of Brownian motion, granular physics, image recognition, computational physics -- Paul Nakroshis
  • Composition of asteroids and comets -- Julie Ziffer


  • Developmental psychology -- Michael Stevenson
  • Social-cognitive development, language acquisition, gender differences -- Bruce Thompson
  • Person perception, attribution, influence of personality on social behavior -- WilliamThornton
  • Cardiovascular reactivity to and recovery from lab induced stress, stress reduction interventions to improve quality of life among cancer patients and combat veterans -- Elizabeth Vella