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Click on the name of the course to find a sample of the syllabus.  Please note these are samples of course syllabi which include previous semesters and may vary depending on the instructor or other updated information including required textbooks.  Please contact the department for more information or for syllabi not found on this page.


BIO 101 Biological Foundations

BIO 102 Biological Experiences

BIO 103 Introduction to Marine Biology

BIO 104 Marine Biology Laboratory

BIO 105 Biological Principles I: Cellular Biology 

BIO 106 Laboratory

BIO 107 Biological Principles II

BIO 107 Biological Principles Lab

BIO 109 Biological Prinicples III

BIO 111: Human Anatomy and Physiology I

     Dr. Ilka Pinz's section

     Dr. Rachel Simons' section

BIO 112: Practical Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 113: Human Anatomy and Physiology II

      Dr. Rachel Simons' section

      Dr. Ilka Pinz's section

BIO 114: Practical Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 201: Genetics

BIO 203: Ecology

BIO 205: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

BIO 217: Evolution

BIO 221: Human Anatomy and Physiology for Biology Majors I

BIO 223: Human Anatomy and Physiology for Biology Majors II

BIO 231: Botany

BIO 281: Microbiology for Health Sciences

BIO 282: Microbiology Laboratory

BIO 291: Ornithology

BIO 305: Developmental Biology

BIO 306: Developmental Biology Laboratory

BIO 311: Microbiology

BIO 321: Neurobiology

BIO 322: Neurobiology Laboratory

BIO 335: Entomology

BIO 337: Marine Ecology

BIO 345: Pathophysiology

      Dr. Tracy Filler's section

      Dr. Lisa Legere's section

BIO 351: Invertebrate Zoology

BIO 353: Vertebrate Zoology

BIO 361: Parasitology

BIO 362: Parasitology Laboratory

BIO 383: Plant Ecology

BIO 401: Animal Physiology

BIO 402: Animal Physiology Laboratory

BIO 405: Animal Behavior

BIO 406: Animal Behavior Laboratory

BIO 407: Environmental Modulation of Developmental Mechanisms

BIO 408: Experimental Genetics

BIO 409: Cell and Molecular Biology

BIO 410: Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory

BIO 413: Applied Biostatistics

BIO 415: Microbial Ecology

BIO 416: Microbial Ecology Laboratory

BIO 417: Issues in Evolution

BIO 419: Human Evolution

BIO 421: Seminar (topics change every semester)

     Dr. Catherine Miller's section (Viral Outbreaks)

     Dr. Terry Theodose's section (Invasive Species)

BIO 431: Principles of Immunology

BIO 432: Immunology Laboratory

BIO 501: Animal Physiology

BIO 505: Animal Behavior

BIO 507: Environmental Modulation of Developmental Mechanisms

BIO 508: Experimental Genetics

BIO 509: Cell and Molecular Biology

BIO 510: Cell and Molecular Biology Lab

BIO 513: Applied Biostatistics

BIO 515: Microbial Ecology

BIO 516: Microbial Ecology Laboratory

BIO 517: Issues in Evolution

BIO 519: Human Evolution

BIO 531: Principles of Immunology

BIO 545: Advanced Pathophysiology

BIO 601: Research Methods in Biology

BIO 602: Ethical Issues in Biology

BIO 621: Graduate Seminar (topics change every semester)

     Dr. Catherine Miller's section (Viral Outbreaks)

     Dr. Terry Theodose's section (Invasive Species)

Biomimicry Course 2020 - Dr. Rachel Lasley-Rasher

Microbial Symbiosis Course 2020 - Dr. Rachel Larsen



EGN 160 Intro to Program: C Language

EGN 181 Computing with Mathematica

EGN 182 Engineering Tools: Solid Works

EGN 184 Engineering Tools: Industrial Power

EGN 186 Engineering Tools: MATLAB

EGN 188 Engineering Tools: Materials Processing

EGN 248 Intro to Diff-Eq and Linear Algebra

EGN 260 Materials Science for Engineers

EGN 301 Junior Design Project and Engineering Profession

EGN 304 Engineering Economics

EGN 304 Online Syllabus

EGN 317 Introduction to Robotics

EGN 325 Control System

EGN 329 Electromechanical and Control Systems Laboratory

EGN 446 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

EGN 498 Composites Materials Science

ELE 172 Digital Logic

ELE 179 Digital Logic Laboratory

ELE 216 Circuits 1: Steady-State Analysis

ELE 217 Circuits II: System Dynamics

ELE 219 Circuits Laboratory

ELE 271 Microprocessor Systems

ELE 314 Linear Systems and Signals

ELE 323 Electromechanical Engergy Conversion

ELE 342 Electronics I

ELE 343 Electronics II

ELE 351 Electromagnetic Fields

ELE 367 Optoelectronics/Photonics

ELE 444 CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

ELE 483 Communication Engineering

ELE 486 Digital Signal Processing

ELE 489 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

EYE 112 Built Environment: Energy

MEE 150 Applied Mechanics: Statics

MEE 230 Thermodynamics I: Laws and Properties

MEE 251 Strength of Materials

MEE 259 Statics and Strength of Materials Laboratory

MEE 270 Applied Mechanics: Dynamics

MEE 331 Thermodynamics II: Flows & Cyd

MEE 339 Thermodynamics Laboratory

MEE 352/552 Analysis and Design of Composite Structures

MEE 353 Applied Stress Analysis

MEE 360 Fluid Mechanics

MEE 372 Computer-Aided Design of Machine Elements

MEE 373 Machines and Mechanisms Design

MEE 375 Engineering Acoustics

MEE 379 Dynamics and Vibrations Laboratory

MEE 432 Heat Transfer

MEE 439 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Laboratory

MEE 463 Aerodynamics


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