Faculty & Staff Regalia

This regalia order form is for USM Faculty & Staff only.  Graduating students will need to purchase their regalia at the USM Bookstore in May.

Faculty & Staff, the USM Bookstore will order your regalia for you and, as in the past, the University will pay the rental fee.  If the official order deadline has passed, place your order and we will contact you if there is a problem getting it in on time.

If you wish to re-use your previous regalia order, please use this link.

If you own your regalia and will not require a rental, please use this link.

If this is your first time participating in the USM Commencement, or if you need to make changes to an order from years past, please use the form below:

Measure in inches just above ear.
This regalia will include a gown, a cap, and a tassel.
If you are planning to pick up your regalia at the event please be sure to get your ticket ahead of time. You will not be able to get into the event to get your regalia without a ticket. If you choose to have it put with your regalia please note that all Faculty regalia needs to be picked up by May 9th at the latest. On the 10th all regalia not yet picked up is moved to the Cross Insurance Arena and will not be available until the morning of Commencement in the Faculty Robing Room.