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Dr. David Pierson Publishes The Fugitive

Dr. David Pierson's new book, The Fugitive, is now published by Wayne State University Press.  In The Fugitive, Pierson discusses the context of the series’ creation at a time when federal regulators were forcing the three major television networks to broadcast adult programs with less physical violence. Pierson also offers a unique analysis of the major themes represented in The Fugitive’s episodes, such as individualism, love and marriage, the culture of professionalism, modern science and technology, and social justice and authority, along with how these themes connected to ongoing social and cultural struggles taking place in American society in the 1960s. 

Dr. Walter Metz, chair of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Department of Cinema and Photography, states, “Pierson makes a major contribution to the study of American dramatic television in the 1960s. The Fugitive is well researched and makes use of both television studies and sociology literature quite well."

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