Communication and Media Studies Department

A Letter From an Alum

Below is a letter to our Dean from a Communication alum, Meghan Courchesne:

Hi Adam! 

My name is Meghan (Meg)  Courchesne! I am from VT, but made the move to Portland, ME after my first year at USM -- I completely fell in love with the city of Portland and the opportunity that it presented me with! Throughout my time at USM I did a lot of things and really took advantage of it being a Metropolitan University. To me, that means I have direct access and partnerships with the surrounding community - outside the classroom walls. USM was the foundation for what I have accomplished thus far and STILL cannot believe that I get to live this life. I am eternally grateful to have landed a job that I love directly out of college.

 Throughout my years at USM I worked for a boutique (and local!) indoor cycling studio called, Rêve. It was there that I built relationships (friendly and business) that landed me my first job out of college. I studied communication at USM and while yes, I was teaching group fitness (which I love), I was also using my degree. I was in charge of the training and hiring of new instructors as well as building our network and community of riders and business partnership within the Portland, ME area.  

After spending three years at Rêve, a place that I love, I knew that eventually I would need to move on and spread my wings a little more. Within a few months of this new role at Rêve, I was offered the chance to move to NYC and train with a company called, SoulCycle - the masters of indoor cycling. As a passionate teacher, I knew that this was my chance to spread my wings a little bit more and find out more about myself - a core value  I learned at USM. 

Currently, I am emailing you from Boston, MA. After spending my summer in NYC and landing the job, I was sent to Boston to start my new career as a SoulCycle instructor. USM has taught me how to go with the flow, embrace change, and trust that everyone has their own journey. USM allowed me to immerse myself into the culture and city that surrounded me during my time of study. In addiction to all of those important lessons, the Communication Department at USM holds some of the best professor who truly care about the well-being of their students.  I could not have imagined my college experience to have gone any other way.