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LA Museum needs your help!

 Camden from the LA Museum writes: "HELP NEEDED – Renovations for new business push Museum L-A out of its space

LEWISTON — Museum L-A is in urgent need of able-bodied volunteers in the next two weeks, May 21 to 30,  to help relocate museum artifacts, cull supply and exhibit items and restructure storage areas from Bates Mill #1 to Bates Mill #2 due to ongoing construction in their existing space.

It is a great thing for the Lewiston-Auburn community that businesses are expanding or moving to the mills, but it is creating a major burden for the running of the museum at a time when it is getting busier and busier. 

We are temporarily housed in the Bates Mill and it was only a matter of time before the rapid development of the mill would cause us to leave and that time has come. We are often asked when will we have the new museum and why can’t we stay here?  The answer is: a- here we are in temporary space; b- we keep being moved around and are therefore losing important artifacts due to water, mold, cold and heat damaging items in insufficient storage areas; c- we cannot offer special new programs due to unsatisfactory storage conditions; d- we have the wrong and inadequate kinds of spaces needed for education and learning; e- not having control of our space, we are unable to develop income streams that could help move us toward sustainability.

Eventually, Museum L-A will be in its new home in the former Camden Yarns Mill at 1 Beech Street, but until then, the museum houses its priceless collections as best it can in the Bates Mill.

Volunteers \will be very valuable to the saving of very important artifacts.  The need for volunteers to help move its collections is urgent and very important and the museum staff is hoping that once again, the generosity of its community will shine forth" 


If you are interested in helping this cause, please reach Camden Martin at cmartin@museumla.org or 207-333-3881