Druker Office of Community Engagement

Trinity Jubilee Center: Volunteers Needed

Dinner plate at Jubilee Center

If you are looking for a volunteer or service learning opportunity, Trinity Jubilee Center in Lewiston is in need of volunteers! 

"The Jubilee Center believes in comprehensive support and is dedicated to helping people survive difficult situations and build a strong future. At the Center people can receive the food and shelter they need to meet their immediate, desperate needs. They can also receive help writing their resume and applying for jobs, see a doctor, and attend a community education workshop as they work to improve their situation. Real, sustainable change is possible through addressing both short-term and long-term needs: providing healthy food and helping people to overcome the causes and effects of their hunger" (Trinity Jubilee Website). 


The Jubilee Center Needs Volunteers to: 

If you are interested in bettering your community by being hands on; this is a great way to start! 


Contact us for more information on how to connect with the Jubilee Center!