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Microsoft Office for Home Use

Microsoft is offering their Office suite of programs to faculty, staff, and students of higher education institutions that purchase Office for their entire campus. Office can be installed for use on personal computers and mobile devices at no cost. The online version, Office 365, may also be used. You may perform the enrollment process online at the following location by using a valid email address

Enrollment Steps:

  1. After navigating to the URL shown above, choose the appropriate option:
  • Students select Students
  • Select Find out if you're eligible:
    • Step through the remainder of the process, using a valid email address
    • Use the verification email sent to the address to complete enrollment and create a Microsoft account
    • If a verification email isn’t received shortly, check junk mail and spam folders
  • Within the verification email, select Complete Office 365 Education signup
    • Enter a First Name, Last name and password
      • Although the Microsoft account uses your email address to verify your eligibility, it is not linked to your UMS identity
      • The UMS information security policy requires that you do not use your UMS password for outside accounts, so please use a password that is different than your UMS ID password
      • UMS will not be able to help you reset this password as it only exists with Microsoft
      • Select Start, then Install now
      • There will be an option to save a file (filename ends with ‘.exe’ for PC, ‘.dmg’ for Mac)
      • Locate the saved file in the downloads area of the browser, run the file and follow the prompts (The screen titled First things first offers two options-- choose No thanks)


      The Microsoft Office software and services that are offered through this program are intended to allow installation of Office products on personal, non-UMS equipment and are not intended to be used on UMS owned equipment

      Microsoft OneDrive should only be used to store personal data. It is not approved for the storage of University data and it is a violation of the UMS license agreement to do so. Google Docs are the approved file sharing and collaboration tool supported by UMS.


      This service is provided entirely by Microsoft and they have numerous venues for assistance
      Utilize Microsoft resources first if you are having trouble with the enrollment or using specific products