Computing Services

Academic Software Licensing

University of Southern Maine offers the following software licenses at academic pricing for teaching and learning:

You may refer to the table below for the latest information on licensing costs and versions. These licenses are renewable annually each Academic year, unless otherwise noted.

Software Platform Annual License Price Qualification Comments
Mathematica 11.1.1 Windows, Mac, Linux X86 $75 Faculty  
Minitab 18, Minitab Express Windows $75 Faculty  
SAS 9.4 Windows 32 & 64-bit $100 Faculty, Students  
IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Windows, Mac $75 Faculty  
ArcGIS 10.5.1 Windows NC (research dept pays USM share) USM-owned computers annual renewal

Purchasing Information

To purchase a license please contact Judith Ferrante at (207) 780-4415.

Other Academic Software

Systat 12 is available to all UMS Faculty/Staff/Students at no charge. This licensing is managed by UMS IT Support in Augusta. You may download SYSTAT from ITS Maine site. Authentication is required using your UMS Account. Please read the directions carefully.