Computing Services

Academic Software Request Guidelines

Faculty and staff may submit suggestions for new software for installation in computer labs and classrooms. Please note the following deadlines are applicable for the labs/rooms that are supported by ITUS.

Software installation request deadlines
Semester for Use Deadline
Fall June 1
Spring October 1
Summer Feb 1

In order to ensure all software is fully tested on our standard lab environment, software must be requested by the deadlines stated above. No new software or software upgrades will be performed during the academic term. Commercial software beyond end-of-life and/or any software without active support will not be considered. We will not install trial, demo, or similar limited-use software.

All software is assumed to be installed for a period of one year, unless otherwise indicated. All previously requested software will need to be reviewed annually to determine continued support. If you wish to retain currently installed software, you must submit a new form at least once a year. Any software upgrades require a new form to be submitted.

Our staff will verify that a software installation starts properly and performs basic file, edit and print operations properly. Our staff does not have the expertise to verify the proper functionality of other software features.

By requesting installation of this software, you agree to provide professional expertise in testing the software within our time frame prior to deployment to campus computers, in order to insure proper installation, functionality and customization of the software. The contact person on the form or another qualified individual must be available during the testing and/or deployment period.

Please read the following information before completing the form:

  • Software that is currently being used for class instruction will be given priority.
  • A copy of this form must be submitted for each software package.
  • You will be notified when the software is ready for testing.
  • The media and installation guides will be returned once the software has been installed and tested.

Software Installation Request Form