Computing Services

Blackboard Course Link Request

Two or more Blackboard courses may have their enrollment combined. One course must be primary. Student enrollment from both the primary and linked courses will appear in the primary course.

If you request a course link for a course that has someone else listed as the instructor, please be certain to explain in the Notes, and provide the instructor's email address. We must get that instructor's permission.


  • Courses links are generally created 2 weeks before the start of a term, which is approximately when Blackboard courses are populated with student enrollment.
  • You can develop course content in the primary course as soon as the course is in Blackboard.
  • The primary course is the only one that should be set Available.
  • Blackboard courses not set Available will not be populated with student enrollment.
  • Courses that are associated in Mainestreet — such as multiple locations of a course offered over video — do not need this request.

If you have questions, please contact the Computing Help Desk at 780-4029, or

Enter the Blackboard ID of the primary course. Example: 01234
Enter the Blackboard ID of the secondary course. Example: 01235
Enter the Blackboard ID of any additional courses to be linked. Example: 01236
Example: Fall 2015
Example: ENG 101