Computing Services

Computer Classroom Request

Use the form below to request a computer classroom (not videoconference rooms).

NOTE: Requests for future semesters cannot be finalized until the Registrar has completed the Academic Course File for that semester. Approximate dates for this are:

  • October 31 for Spring
  • March 31 for Fall
  • January 31 for Summer

We will schedule the equivalent of 1 session (1.25 hours) per week per class. If there are no conflicts, we will attempt to schedule requests for more time. After submitting the form, you will receive an email indicating the room you have been assigned or if there is a conflict.

To cancel an existing session, use our Cancellation Form.

Room Availability

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Enter the name of the instructor
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Course Registration Number
Please enter the date you are requesting
Specify if recurring weekly (ending last week of classes, not including Finals week) or list all dates requested
Enter the start time
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Please identify any software applications to be utilized (i.e., web only, Word, Excel, ArcGIS)
Enter the number of students anticipated