Computing Services

Computing Lab Policies

Because the labs are funded entirely from student-paid technology fees, USM has a responsibility to effectively manage those resources. Therefore, the following policy has been instituted:

General Use of Computers

User Services and the University of Southern Maine have a responsibility to ensure computer services for currently enrolled, fee-paying students. The computer labs are not public facilities, rather a University resource for students.

Laser Printing

Please be advised that the laser printers in the labs are a student resource. These printers are specifically intended for use by current USM students so that they may produce quality laser printed output.

Laser printing is charged per page. Color laser printing is available. The Portland Computer Lab has duplex printing available. Instructions are posted in the labs.


Internet access in the labs is limited to use by currently enrolled students. The University does not block or limit access to any web sites based on their content. Students are expected to be responsible adults while browsing the Web. Inappropriate behavior that interferes with others' work will not be tolerated. For further information, please speak to a member of Operations Management.


Flat-bed scanners are available in all labs.

Adaptive Technology

Each campus has adaptive technology available for students with disabilities. Some of the included devices are large print display, screen reader software, voice recognition software, and adjustable height tables.

Standards of Behavior

We expect that all lab users adhere to norms of common courtesy and University behavior standards as stated in the student handbook.

Physical abuse of the equipment will not be tolerated. Please leave your frustrations outside! The university's policy on alcohol and drug use will be strictly adhered to.

No food or drink of any kind is allowed at the computers. Please cooperate by leaving mugs at the front of the lab; if empty, place it inside a bag. The lab staff has been instructed to remove any food or drink containers from the computer stations.

Please don't sit on the desks. They are not intended for that use. If needed, extra chairs are located along the outer walls or in the back of the lab. (Please don't take a seat from another station.)

Software Copying

Duplication of copyrighted software is a federal offense.

For technical support, contact the USM Computing HelpDesk at 780-4029 or