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Domain Naming Policy

Domain Naming Policy


The University of Southern Maine will host all web sites and domain names for its various divisions, schools, colleges, departments, organizations, research operations, faculty, and staff.

USM supports the conceptual structure behind building domain name designations. EDU is reserved for higher education institutions and their various sub units; ORG is used for not-for-profit groups; NET is designed for networks; COM is used for commercial enterprises; and MIL is reserved for the military, and so on.


  1. For divisions, schools, colleges and departments, USM will host web sites in the form of
  2. For individual faculty and staff, USM will host web sites in the form of
  3. For academic institutes, academic grant funded projects, and/or contracts, USM will host web sites in the form of or
    1. If a project progresses and becomes a true not-for-profit, USM will consider registering and hosting the site as an ORG.
    2. Additionally, USM will provide linkages so the users of the previous EDU address will not lose access to the site when a change is made.


The University has a legal responsibility for the presentations made by its various units. This corporate responsibility should not be complicated or hidden by using a different identity. This issue is further complicated by the heavy burdens placed on hosting sites by recent changes in the Copyright Law. Therefore, when a member (person or unit) of the community uses USM resources or identity in their work or research, USM becomes a partner in this endeavor. These partnerships not only enhance the visibility of the individuals, but they also raise the stature of the University. This, in turn, helps others in their pursuits. The result of this is that the community benefits from a uniform presence.

Please contact with specific questions regarding this policy.