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LearnIT Projects is the way to hone your skills with Microsoft Office 2013 applications.  The webinar will walk through creating a finished product.  You will leave with polished skills and a project to complete to test your knowledge.  New topics will be added periodically.

SnipITs are quick sessions (30 minutes or less) on some commonly asked topics.  Sessions are recorded for you to watch at your leisure.

AskITs are "drop-in" sessions to ask any IT-related questions.  Need help on a pesky little table for example?  This would be a great time to grab a few minutes to share your problem and get some help.  We ask that you submit your questions a couple of days in advance, so that we can match you up with the right person to get your answers.

Not sure which one to take?  Check out the objectives for each topic:


Objectives: Word A

Objectives: Word B

Objectives: Word C

Create a New Document and Insert Text

Create a table

Create a research paper

Insert and Format Graphics

Format table

Insert footnotes in a research paper

Insert and Modify Text Boxes and Shapes

Presents a word document online

Create citations and a bibliography in a research paper

Insert Headers and Footers

Create a custom word template

Use Read mode and PDF reflow

Document Properties, Preview and Print a Document, Create PDF

Correct and reorganize text

Format a multi column newsletter

Change Document and Paragraph Layout

Use the proofing options and print an envelope

Use special character and paragraph formatting

Create and Modify Lists, Customizing Bullets

Create document using a predefined Microsoft template

Create mailing labels using mail merge

Set and Modify Tab Stops



Insert a SmartArt Graphic and an Online Video




Objectives: Excel A

Objectives: Excel B

Objectives: Excel C

Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook

Use Flash Fill and the SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX functions

Chart data with a pie chart

Enter Data in a Worksheet

Move data, resolve error messages, and rotate text

Format a pie chart

Construct and Copy Formulas and Use the SUM Function

Use COUNTIF and IF Functions and apply conditional formatting

Edit a workbook and update a chart

Format Cells with Merge & Center, Cell Styles, and Themes

Use Date & Time functions and Freeze panes

Use Goal Seek to perform what-if analysis

Chart Data to Create a Column Chart and Insert Sparklines

Create, Sort, and Filter an Excel Table

Design a worksheet for what-if analysis

Print a Worksheet, Display Formulas, and Close Excel

View, Format, and Print a Large Worksheet

Answer what-if questions by changing values in a worksheet

Check Spelling in a Worksheet

Navigate a Workbook and Rename Worksheets

Chart data with a line chart

Enter Data by Range

Enter Dates, Clear Contents, and Clear Formats


Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations

Copy and Paste by using the Paste Options Gallery


Edit Values in a Worksheet

Edit and Format Multiple Worksheets at the same time


Format a Worksheet (insert/delete columns/rows, adjust column widths, wrapping text

Create a summary sheet with Column Sparklines



Format and Print multiple worksheets in a workbook



Objectives: Access A

Objectives: Access B

Objectives: Access C

Identify good database design

Open and save an existing database

Create a use a form to add and delete records

Create a table and define fields in a blank desktop database

Create table relationships

Filter records

Change the structure of tables and add a second table

Sort records in a table

Create a form by using the form wizard

Create a Query, Form, and Report; printing forms and reports

Create a query in Design view

Modify a form in layout view and in design view

Close a database and exit access

Create a new query from an existing query

Create a report by using the report tool and modify the report in Layout view

Use a template to create a database

Sort Query results

Create a report by using the report wizard

Organize objects in the Navigation Pane

Specify Criteria in a query

Modify the design of a report

Create a new table in a database created with a template

Specify numeric criteria in a query

Keep grouped data together in a printed report

Print a report and a table

Use compound criteria in a query



Create a query based on more than one table



Use wildcards in a query



Create calculated fields in a query



Calculate statistics and group data in a query



Create a crosstab query



Create a parameter query



Objectives: PowerPoint A

Objectives: PowerPoint B

Objectives: PowerPoint C

Create a new presentation

Format numbered and bulleted lists

Customizing Slide Backgrounds and themes

Edit a presentation and normal view

Insert online pictures

Animate a slide show

Add pictures to a presentation

Insert text boxes and shapes

Insert a video

Friends and view of a presentation

Format objects

Create and modify tables

Edit an existing presentation

Remove picture backgrounds and insert WordArt

Create and modify charts

Format a presentation

Create and format a SmartArt graphic


Use Slide Sorter View



Apply Slide Transitions




Objectives: Google Stuff 





 Google Drive


Objectives: Integrated Projects A

Export Access Data to Excel

Create an Excel Worksheet from a Word Table

Copy and Paste an Excel Chart into Other Programs

Copy and Paste and Object from PowerPoint into Excel

Link Excel Data to a Word Document

Modify Linked Data and Update Links

Create a Table in Word from Access Data

Use Access Data to Complete a Mail Merge in Word