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Macintosh Océ Imagistics Printing at USM

In September and October, 2010, Océ Imagistics will be removing many of their older models from USM offices and replacing them with newer VarioLink (VL) 3200, 3622, 4222, and 6022 black and white printers, and 2822c, 3622c, and 4522c color models.

Macintosh users will need to download and install printer software for these models, delete the old and add the new printers to their Macintosh Print and Fax window, and configure the printing software on their computer to enable the printer's duplexing (printing on two sides) and stapling capabilities.

To install and configure this software, the Mac user will need to know three things:

  1. What version of the Macintosh operating system is installed on your computer? See the Apple Support site for instructions for finding the macOS version number.
  2. What is the model of the new printer you'll be using? This will be evident just by looking at the printer. It will say Océ Variolink 2822c, 3200, 2822c, 3622, 3622c, 4222, 4522c, or 6022 on the front of the printer.
  3. What is the USM network name of the printer? Eventually, there will be an orange strip affixed to the front of the printer that will identify the department and model, such as DOIT-VL3622. In addition, there may be test sheets which will be generated with this name. Mac users will need to enter this name exactly - in all uppercase, with no spaces - as the queue name in the printer preference pane for the printer to work.

Once you have the answers to these three questions, proceed to the appropriate page below for instructions in downloading the printing software for your version of the operating system and configuring it on your computer.