Conference Services

Sponsorhip of External Programs


Sponsorship of External Groups

 The University of Southern Maine’s Department of Conferences works with all external groups that want to use USM facilities and services.  Outside groups being sponsored by a university department must be conducting a program with a clear and direct connection with the sponsoring department and the University’s goals of education, research or public service.    When a university department chooses to sponsor a non-university group’s on-campus event, they assume the following responsibilities:

 1.  Demonstration of a mutually beneficial and substantially related relationship between the sponsoring USM department and the non-university group.

 2..  Assurance that the group complies with all space and scheduling provisions of the USM Policies and Procedures for Internal and Licensed Use of University Facilities, Grounds, and Equipment.  (This document can be found linked from the Department of Conferences’ website at

 3.  A representative from the sponsoring department must be onsite  before, during and after the event.  The onsite representative is responsible for receiving any deliveries, ensuring room set up, greeting guests, overseeing the event, troubleshooting and make certain that university policies are followed.  At the close of the event, further responsibilities include securing audio visual equipment, all lights are off and the room is locked.  These responsibilities may be shared among more than one person.

 4.  Arrangement and coordination of all services for the non-university group, including but not limited to:

  •  Space and Scheduling – the sponsoring department shall reserve space for the non-university group through the appropriate scheduler in compliance with all university stipulations.
  •  Food Service – The sponsoring department must make food service requests to ARAMARK or a licensed, insured caterer.  The department is expected to provide Dining Services with a USM account number to which all food service guarantees provided by the sponsoring department will be charged.
  •  Facilities Management – The sponsoring department must submit work orders for all set-up and break-down requests, listing a USM account number.  The sponsoring department is also responsible for arranging clean up, frequently at an additional charge.
  •  Instructional Technology – The sponsoring department must request all audio visual equipment from Instructional Technology, providing a USM account number to which standard “outside” group” rates will be charged.
  •  USM Police – The sponsoring department is responsible for informing USM Police of the time and place of the event, and number of people anticipated. 
  •  Parking – The sponsoring department must coordinate the parking needs for all outside groups with USM Parking and distribute valid temporary parking permits if needed. 
  •  Written Agreement - The sponsoring department should provide a written agreement to ensure consensus on all arrangements, including the schedule of fees and method of payment.  The USM Department of Conferences uses a License Agreement for this purpose.

 When considering the sponsorship of an external group, the USM department should weigh the effect of their daily operation of the time for making arrangements, the potential for financial loss to the department if the group disputes a charge or refuses to pay, the University’s potential liability in case of accident or damage, and all attendant public relations issues.