Confucius Institute

Education and Training for Chinese Teachers

The Confucius Institute at the USM is offering Mandarin Chinese classes and teacher training to support the Chinese Language and Culture Program for K-12 educators. The classes are open to all teachers and aspiring teachers who are interested in becoming proficient in Chinese, improving their current proficiency, or receiving guidance in the teaching of Chinese.

Students will learn Chinese phonetics, tones, basic words, grammar, and sentence structure. Also available is a two week summer intensive language program at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China (tuition and all costs within China are covered by the Confucius Institute).  

The 24 credit hours of courses in Chinese language and culture align with the minimum 24 credits required by the State of Maine to teach a content area, and may be used to earn a K-12 World Language Teacher Certification, or be applied toward a graduate degree or certificate of advanced study. The opportunity to apply for a Certificate of International Chinese Teachers is also available.

Courses are taught by faculty from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, USM’s partner in developing the Confucius Institute. Experienced in teaching non-native speakers, program faculty provide students with an enriching study of Chinese culture and language.


 Program Options

For Credit

Students wishing to apply these classes to a degree or certification program will pay USM tuition and receive USM credit. Coursework will reflect credit hour requirements.


Students wishing to learn or improve their speaking or teaching proficiency without pursuing a degree or certification will pay Confucius Institute tuition. Some coursework and class time optional. 


Please contact us if you are interested in applying for this program.