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In order to serve the people, school districts, and universities of Maine, the Confucius Institute at USM has been commissioned by Chinese Testing International (CTI) to offer the HSK and the HSKK. The HSK is an official standardized test administered by CTI to assess learners’ proficiency in Chinese language. The HSK is a written exam divided into six levels. The HSKK is an oral exam divided into three levels.

USMCI is also able to offer the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and BCT (Business Chinese Test) by special request. 

HSK scores can be beneficial for several different types of assessment. Many institutions in China use the test to select candidates for the scholarship  and study abroad programs, Chinese teachers use the HSK to evaluate different teaching standards and training methods, and employers use HSK scores as a reference when hiring, training, and promoting employees. Through the HSK, non-Chinese speakers can understand a speaker's proficiency without having any knowledge of the language.

Online Chinese Test (Home Edition)

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Confucius Institute at USM, and many other testing sites, have had to cancel in-person HSK testing. In order to meet student demand, Chinese Testing International (CTI) has launched the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) to allow students to complete HSK exams at home with remote monitoring from test centers.


Test Registration Deadline Test Date
Online, At-Home HSK Levels 1-6 March 3, 2021 March 13, 2021
Online, At-Home HSK Levels 1-6 May 26, 2021 June 5, 2021


Prior to Registration

  1. Make sure your computer meets these requirements:
    1. Operating System: Windows 7 or 10 (testing software incompatible with Windows 8 and Mac)
    2. Monitor Resolution: 1440 x 900 or better (recommended), 1366 x 768 (minimum)
    3. Webcam: HD, 300K Pixel minimum; with unobstructed and well-lit view
    4. Browser: Google Chrome (v. 66.0 or newer)
  2. Test your internet speed (150Kb/second minimum):
    1. Download the Online HSK client:
    2. Unzip and run Examclient.exe.
    3. If you succeed in completing the brief mock exam, your system should be able to handle the actual exam.
  3. You will also need:
    1. Headphones
    2. Cellphone with a camera, Zoom app, WiFi connection, and sufficient battery for a Zoom call lasting for the duration of the exam
    3. A closed, quiet space with no entrance or exit of any person during the exam. Exams may not be taken in public areas such as parks, internet cafes, computer labs, restaurants, etc.


(Please do not register until you can confirm that all of the above prerequisites will be met.)

  1. Visit Chinese Testing International’s website and create an account.
  2. Log in and go to the Test Registration section. Choose the exam level you would like to take and follow the steps. Please select Online Chinese Test (Home Edition).
  3. Upload of a passport-style portrait. The system will not accept a photo that does not meet the listed criteria. Please make sure your photo meets the criteria before uploading. If you are unable to upload your photo, please email your photo to We will upload it for you, so please allow time before the deadline for us to do so.
  4. Exam fees may be paid with cash or check, and must arrive before the registration deadline. Checks should be made out to the Confucius Institute at USM with the student, exam date, and exam level noted on the check. Please send checks to the address below, or contact us to arrange a time to stop by our office in person.
  5. Test takers may log in to CTI’s website to print the admission ticket three days before the exam. Confirm that all of the information is correct, and have the ticket available on test day.

Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) - Exam Details

Exam Set Up

  1. You can log in to the system up to 30 minutes before the start of the exam. We recommend that you log in no later than 10 minutes prior to start time, as delayed starts due to personal, equipment, or network issues will not be allowed.
  2. Set up your computer in a closed, quiet space, putting all necessary computer peripherals on the table top.
  3. On your cellphone, join the Zoom call with the proctor. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi, has sufficient battery to last for the duration of the exam, and enable Airplane Mode.
  4. Set up your cellphone approx. one meter behind you to the left or right with the camera facing the testing area. The proctor should be able to see you and your computer monitor over the Zoom call.
  5. Ensure that no one will be entering or leaving your exam space during the test.
  6. Clear the area of all prohibited materials, including notepads, scratch paper, textbooks, and other reference materials.

During the Exam:

  1. The proctor should be able to monitor you and your computer screen throughout the exam.
  2. The test taker may not leave the testing area, and no other person may enter or exit during the exam.
  3. Note taking of any kind (paper or electronic) is prohibited.
  4. Copying or recording any part of the exam with electronic equipment is also prohibited.

Score Reports:

  1. Ten days after the exam, test takers may log in to their account at Chinese Testing International’s website to view their scores.
  2. Score reports for the Online Chinese Test will be electronic. Use the “Apply for Extra Score Reports” option to request a hard copy score report, which requires a separate fee, and will be mailed to your home.


Exam fees may be paid with cash or check, and must arrive before the registration deadline. Checks should be made out to the Confucius Institute at USM with the student, exam date, and exam level noted on the check. Please send checks to the address below, or contact us to arrange a time to stop by our office in person.

Test Rate (USD) Test Rate (USD)
HSK Level 1 $20 YCT Level 1 $10
HSK Level 2 $30 YCT Level 2 $15
HSK Level 3 $40 YCT Level 3 $20
HSK Level 4 $50 YCT Level 4 $25
HSK Level 5 $60

YCT Speaking Basic


HSK Level 6 $70 YCT Speaking Intermediate $15
HSKK Basic $20    
HSKK Intermediate $30    
HSKK Advanced $40    


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