Confucius Institute


USM Confucius Institute

USM is partnered with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China to host Maine’s first Confucius Institute (CI).

Programs offered through the USM Confucius Institute will provide Maine's students, educators, businesspeople, and community members with opportunities to engage in Chinese studies. The USM Confucius Institute joins more than 400 institutes around the world and 100 institutes nationwide.

Building on an existing campus- and community-wide interest in the study of Mandarin and Chinese culture, the initial focus of the institute is language, culture, and education.


The USM Confucius Institute will meet the growing demand in the state of Maine and the Greater Portland metropolitan region for greater knowledge and understanding of Chinese language, culture, and history and for increased cultural, social, academic, business, and governmental relations between Maine and China.


The primary goals of the USM CI are:

  • to meet the demand for and to ensure the quality of Chinese learning and teaching in Maine by training teachers in Chinese language and culture and by reaching out to elementary and secondary schools in the Greater Portland region;
  • to raise the quality and scope of Chinese cultural activities, festivals, and events in Maine;
  • to become the major provider for executive training for the business, nonprofit, and public sector communities seeking to build greater awareness and cultural competency in Chinese language, culture, and trade opportunities;
  • to facilitate activities relative to Chinese language and culture among the seven universities in the University of Maine System; and
  • to facilitate and advance collaborative research between Chinese and Maine universities.