Gloria S. Duclos Convocation

Spotlighting Voices from our Community: Sandra Bassett

Throughout the month of November the University of Southern Maine will be honoring and highlighting Native voices within our community. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni will be sharing their heritage and their story.

Name: Sandra Bassett

Position/Connection with USM:


What band or tribe are you affiliated with and at what age did you become aware of your Native Heritage?

Passamaquoddy I was six years old I went to first grade in Sipayik.

How has maintaining your Native heritage enriched your life?

My parents were fluent speakers.

Are you involved with your community? How do you stay active within your community?

I am what you would call an off reservation Indian. I stay connected to my roots.

Specifically at USM, what was positive and what do you think could be improved to make your experience as a Native student better?

We need to know who the Natives are.

Are there any resources you would like to share for people who would like to learn more?

The language classes.