Gloria S. Duclos Convocation

The Uncondemned: Screening and Talk Back

September 11, 2017
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Portland Museum of Art - 7 Congress Square, Portland

The Uncondemned tells the gripping and world-changing story of a group of young international lawyers and activists who fought to make rape a crime of war, and the Rwandan women who came forward to testify and win justice where there had been none. Up until this point, rape had not been prosecuted as a war crime and was committed with impunity. A courtroom thriller and personal human drama, The Uncondemned beautifully interweaves the stories of the characters in this odyssey, leading to the trial at an international criminal court--and the results that changed the world of criminal justice forever. After the screening there will be an open "Talk Back" with the film maker and a member of the prosecution team.


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