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Advising Announcements:

Effective Fall 2015: new UMS General Education Transfer Block for Students Transferring within the University of Maine System

To facilitate transfer within the University of Maine System, a general education transfer block is in effect beginning fall 2015.  Students complete with a grade of C minus or better a block of at least 35 credit hours of specified general education requirements on any University of Maine System campus, and satisfy a corresponding block on any other UMS campus.  Up to 10 additional credits may be required by the receiving campus.  For students with a verfied completed block, USM requires no additional credits, except the capstone and any specific courses required by the student’s major.

How Students Qualify: Students transferring TO USM should complete the Transfer to USM General Education Block Verification Form. Students transferring FROM USM to another system campus should complete the Transfer FROM USM General Education Block Verification Form.  We hope to have an automated process for verification in place soon.

Effective spring 2015, new USM Core transfer policy for the Associate of Arts Degree

 With the exception of the capstone, and any other particular USM Core courses specifically required by the student’s major, USM Core requirements are waived for students with a completed Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies/Liberal Arts from a regionally accredited community or other college.  This policy does not apply to any other associate degrees.   This policy is effective beginning spring 2015 and is not retroactive. Student records are automatically reviewed for eligibility.

Effective Fall 2015, new Living Learning Communities for Residential Students

For fall 2015 USM is piloting a new experience for our residential students.  Residential students select a themed living community of their choice and are pre-registered for a corresponding Entry Year Experience (EYE) course, and a corresponding 1-credit co-curricular learning lab, based on the selected theme.  Faculty,  staff, and students work together to connect classroom, campus, and community experiences.  Please do not change any residential student's pre-registration for EYE or the corresponding COR 101 co-curricular lab.  These pre-registrations are a key part of the living-learning community experience.

General information about Core advising and registration:

If you have questions about USM Core advising and registration please contact your academic advisor or Advising services at 207-780-4040. 

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 Note regarding College Writing:

The following courses are considered equivalents meeting the same outcomes as College Writing and will not be allowed for additional credit, but instead will follow the USM Repeat Policy and count as a repeat of the previous grade: ENG 100, ENG 101, ENG 104, ESL 100, HON 100, LCC 110, LCC 111, RSP 100 and RSP 104.