Core Curriculum

Assessment of Core

The purpose of assessment in USM’s Core Curriculum is to sustain and strengthen student learning within and across courses in the curriculum. Assessment is intended to support faculty teaching and student learning in relation to USM’s Vision, Goals and Outcomes for general education, and to contribute to our university-wide conversation about the learning that matters.

Overview of USM Core Assessment-- diagram of plans and current practices

Core Assessment documents-- More detailed information on how we are assessing student learning in EYE, Ethical Inquiry and other Core requirements.

EYE Program Assessment 2009-2012 Cohorts

NSSE data on the 5 Goals of General Education at USM

     Freshman Report

     Senior Report

Overview of Core course review/assessment-- tracking document

Office of Academic Assessment-- link to Core Curriculum assessment reports provided by the Academic Assessment office.

Other Assessment Resources

A group of USM faculty recently attended the AAC&U's annual assessment conference.  Contact the Core office for more information.

Assessment Clear and Simple (Barbara Walvoord)

Faculty Role in Assessment (Richard Slevin)

Model programs and approaches:

     St. Olaf College (Assessment as Inquiry in Support of Student Learning)