Core Curriculum

College Readiness

College Readiness

The university has established criteria for determining student readiness for study in Mathematics (MAT) and quantitative reasoning courses.  Depending on SAT, ACT, and Accuplacer scores, students may be placed in readiness courses (MAT 9 or MAT 101) designed to prepare them for college-level Mathematics and for Core Curriculum quantitative reasoning courses.

University readiness policy for fall 2018: Students with current SAT math scores of 460-560 (or an ACT score of 18 or better) may enroll directly in MAT 101 without completing the Accuplacer exam. Students with current SAT scores below 460 must complete the Accuplacer exam to assess appropriate placement. Students with current SAT scores of 570 (or old SAT scores of 550) and above may enroll directly in an approved Core Curriculum quantitative reasoning course. Please note that some MAT courses require additional testing to determine appropriate placement. For additional information on readiness requirements in mathematics, visit our Mathematics Readiness and Testing page.

Mathematics Readiness Courses:

MAT 9 Developmental Mathematics
A review of fundamental topics of arithmetic needed for a study of algebra. This course will cover the following topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions; use of decimals and percent; estimation; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of real numbers; exponents; order of arithmetic operations; distributive property; combining like terms; substitution to evaluate expressions and formulas; grouping symbols; addition and multiplication principle; equations with fractions; formulas; sets; writing and graphing inequalities; solving inequalities and problem solving. Successful completion of an exit exam at a C level or higher is required. Credit earned in MAT 9 does not apply or accumulate toward any degree program at the University of Southern Maine. It does carry "institutional" credit, which means the credits count toward financial aid, athletic, or residential requirements, but not toward graduation.

MAT 101 College Readiness Mathematics
This course reviews and reinforces the basic arithmetic and algebra skills and concepts needed for entry into the University's general education pathways. The course is based on student learning outcomes and uses mastery learning pedagogy. A grade of C- or better is needed to meet the University's mathematics readiness requirement. Prerequisite: MAT 9 or appropriate University placement test score. Cr 4.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Non-native English speakers whose SAT verbal score is below 500 or whose TOEFL score is below 79 must take the ESOL program’s placement test before registering for an English class. For complete information on English for Speakers of Other Languages, visit our ESOL page.