Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum Committee

The Core Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate of the University of Southern Maine.

The CCC’s charge from the Faculty Senate states: 

"The USM Core Curriculum Committee shall be responsible for approving proposed courses and reviewing them periodically; providing assistance with transfer reviews; overseeing assessment; identifying faculty development needs; and overseeing policies and procedures. Review and approval of courses for inclusion in the USM Core Curriculum shall respect and give appropriate deference to the expertise and academic freedom of individual faculty to teach what they know and to determine the content, pedagogy, required student activities, and teaching practices of each course."

All CCC meeting attendees will enter a Waiting Room on Zoom before joining the meeting. Please email Hannah Durham, Project Coordinator for Academic Affairs ( if you plan to attend a specific meeting. 

The Core Curriculum Committee has a busy schedule for AY 2020-2021, including implementation of the faculty senate approved writing sequence, and discussion of how the Core can bettter support Goal 10 and USM's anti-oppression work.

Information on the fall 2021 writing sequence

Overview of Changes to the Core Curriculum effective fall 2021

REVISED CCC proposal for a new writing requirement in the Core

Writing Proposal FAQs

REVISED Writing Proposal PowerPoint 


CCC Spring 2021 Meeting Schedule and Links
All meetings 9-11am on Zoom

Feb. 5 - Meeting Link

Feb. 19 - Meeting Link

Mar. 5 - Meeting Link

Mar. 19 - Meeting Link

Apr. 2 - Meeting Link

Apr. 16 - Meeting Link

Apr. 30 - Meeting Link

May 7 - Meeting Link

CCC Membership

CCC members represent programs, schools and colleges across the University.  Composition follows policy set by the Faculty Senate in 2011. Representatives are elected by processes in place in their college/program/school.  Contact for information.

The CCC currently has a vacancy for an at-large, part-time faculty representative to the committee. The term for this position is one-year. If you are interested in serving, please email me directly at

CCC membership 2020-2021

CCC membership 2019-2020

CCC membership 2018-2019

CCC membership 2017-2018

CCC membership 2016-2017

Course Proposal and Review

    CCC proposal review process

    Writing a Successful USM Core Proposal

    Assessment Resources

Proposal Forms

Entry Year Experience

            a. sample EYE proposal

Creative Expression

Cultural Interpretation

Quantitative Reasoning

Science Exploration

Sociocultural Analysis

Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship

     Sample EISRC proposal


     Sample Diversity proposal


     Sample International proposal


The CCC requests that all programs with placeholder Capstones that have yet to be reviewed submit proposals to assess alignment between course and Core Capstone outcomes.  Programs have been contacted by the assistant provost with information on this process, which also appears below.  The CCC requested that proposals be submitted by the end of fall semester, 2019.

Capstone proposal form

     Sample Capstone proposal BIO 419

     BIO 419 addendum: foundational concepts

     Sample Capstone proposal BIO 407

     Sample Capstone Proposal HTY 400

     Sample Capstone Proposal SOC 400

Capstones (placeholders included)

Other Core Courses:

For courses in cultural interpretation or sociocultural analysis please contact Susan McWilliams at for guidance and proposal forms. 

Prior to fall 2011, the Core Curriculum was based on the following course criteria:

Pre-fall 2011 Core Course Criteria